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Why are you doing this?

Why didn't you?

Are you making any money from this?

No, I've already spent a bit actually. Websites aren't free you know.

My band, King Buu, will recieve the same amount as everyone else. 

Is Akron recording company making money from this?

No, they've invested quite a bit of time though. 

Ben's band, the Dreemers, will receive the same amount as everyone else. 

What is the Akron recording company?

I'm so glad you asked! They are a recording studio in Akron, Ohio. They offer multiple services in addition to studio time.

Check out their website! 

Who are you?

Yes, exactly.

I've been floating around various music scenes for years. You can check out my stuff here and here

Who did the art?

Billy Buehl did! 

He's also in the band the Wastemen

How long is the CD?

About 73 minutes of live music! 

17 bands, 17 tracks.